With the use of these commands, you may create and customize your holder verification.

This guide assumes you have already subscribed to NFTLUX and invited it to your guild.

The bot checks for changes in assets each 5 minutes.

/verification add

Using this command, you can add a role to your verification setup.

Hold Role

Specify your Policy ID and requirements for the role

If you want to have this role added to all members with at least 1 NFT, you can set the minimum assets to 1, and the maximum assets to how big your project is.

Trait Role

Specify your Policy ID and requirements for the role

Select the logic: AND means all traits must be preset in order for the role to be added; OR means at least one of the traits must be preset for the role to be added.

Add all the traits you want for this role and separate them by a comma. In this example I will use this asset.

Here is how it would loo when setting it up.

Pool Role

Members who meet a certain delegation condition be can given roles. Make sure to set a pool for your server by using /verification set-pool

/verification review

Check your verification configuration.

/verification remove

Remove a role from your verification setup

Select the type of role you want to remove.

If you chose policy roles and you have multiple policies, you can select which policy to remove a role from.

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