👋Welcome to NFTLUX

The simplest method for integrating Discord and Cardano.

What is NFTLUX?

We offer many of tools to help project owners get more use out of their discord servers. Making Cardano integration into Discord servers as simple as possible is our aim.

Why should you use NFTLUX?

With a wide range of options available through our Discord bot, you can manage your community without worrying about its complexity.

These features include:

  • Automatic role assignment based on assets held, what traits they include and what pool they are delegated to.

  • Alerts that send a message each time an asset is listed or sold.

  • Auto Mod that assists in removing hassle and frauds from your servers.

  • Commands that enable your cherished members to show of their NFT collection, display the assets with the lowest asking prices, and snipe an asset depending on predetermined criteria

And more in development.....

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